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Ego Kill Talent




São Paulo/SP


Hard rock

Ego Kill Talent

Ego Kill Talent é formada por Emmily Barreto (vocal), Jean Dolabella (bateria, guitarra), Raphael Miranda (bateria, baixo), Theo van der Loo (guitarra, baixo) and Niper Boaventura (baixo, guitarra e backing vocals).

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Biografia completa
Formed back in 2014, the São Paulo, Brazil quintet unite heavy music integrity and pop ambition, universal appeal, South American flavor, tight songcraft and instrumental fluidity. Ego Kill Talent’s debut single “Sublimated” caught local radio play for and landed them on the bill for Lollapalooza Brazil. The track ignited streaming platforms worldwide and held a spot in the Top 5 of Spotify’s Viral Top 50 in the UK, France, and Portugal as well as in Brazil. Streamed over 20 million times as of 2020, awarded a coveted 5K! rating by KERRANG! and handpicked as an opener for Foo Fighters, the band achieve a seamless balance on their second full-length record, recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 and set to release this Spring via BMG. The first digital single is “NOW!” A stark vocal rings out with soul over a faint hum snapping into a polyrhythmic riff and off- kilter drumbeat. Nimble instrumentation leaps towards an entrancing ethereal chant, “We can overcome time.” “It questions how we lose ourselves in our minds,” explains Van Der Loo. “We get lost in thoughts and our own fears and anxieties. In order to get passed it, you need to be present in the moment.” By uniting sounds and styles, Ego Kill Talent resonate across boundaries in the end. “If this music makes you feel good and gives you joy, there’s nothing better,” Dolabella leaves off. “That’s the goal.”

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