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Eminence é uma banda brasileira de groove metal/death metal, da cidade de Belo Horizonte formada em 1995. É uma banda que há pouco tempo saiu do cenário "underground", mas possui uma sonoridade similar a Machine Head ou Sepultura. Se apresentaram em duas edições do Rock in Rio, em 2015 e 2019.

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Brazilian metal band Eminence’s new album, "Dark Echoes" comes with 12 new songs. The new record,is the band’s first since 2018’s MINDS APART.Produced by Eminence's guitarist Alan Wallace and mixed & mastered by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Heaven Shall Burn, Moonspell) at Antfarm Studios in Denmark.Recorded at Maçonaria do Audio Studios in Belo Horizonte, Mg, Brazil. The album's artwork by (Rafael Moco) reflects a clear message: Although we live in a connected world, we are miles apart. People are forgetting to feed their souls and this is causing an awful disillusion.We need to wake up the blind. Formed in 1995, Eminence quickly cultivated a strong following in the metal underground scene of their home country and in Europe. The group made its live U.S. debut in the autumn of 2012 during New York’s CMJ Music Marathon, performing on a boat with metal icons Prong. That performance led The Village Voice to declaring Eminence as “a band to watch.” The band did some shows around the world and played in some big festivals like Rock in Rio 2015, Woodstock in Poland, Rock Al Parque Colombia, SXSW in Texas, Red Bull Music in China, Japan, NewZealand, Germany, CZ, Poland, Denmark, Romenia, Switzerland, Mexico, USA, Ecuador, Brazil, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, France, UK, Slovenia. REVIEW Eminence plays a distinctly modern form of metal. As you can see from their latest video for “Minds Apart” (the song was produced by Tue Madsen, who has worked with bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Meshuggah and Halford), they mix groove, metalcore, some electronic influences, and deep vocals reminiscent of bands like Oceano and other acts from the deathcore set. Though this could make for generic slop in the hands of many bands, Eminence seems determined to make it into a catchy, engaging concoction. There’s a lot of talk lately about the impact of technology and social media on humanity and wider culture. The Atlantic has an article out about the effects felt by today’s adolescents and people like Ross Douthat have tried to get their arms around how to moderate the use of new media, particularly when it comes to children’s access to it. As metal is wont to do, Eminence takes these concerns and displays them in a graphic fashion. The symbolism of the man seated idle (well…mostly) on his couch with the Oculus on his face is pretty clear. What the song and video aims to express is the effect that unearned gratification, blended with social isolation, is doing to humanity. You could be excused for chuckling at the sight of the group therapy session at the end of the video. But these things need to be discussed. And Eminence has taken a good shot at finding an artistic way to express this very real worry.

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